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Sometimes, a movie does not have to feature an award-winning actor/actress in order to be a blockbuster. Often a massive automobile such as a semi-trailer truck or ute is an excellent show stopper and makes the movie become memorable.

There are innumerable Hollywood flicks which might not be completely based on such trucks or Utes but have these vehicles playing a significant role. This has resulted in these vehicles becoming extremely popular. Perhaps, the most obvious and frequent use of these trucks and Utes is in action sequences. The trucks are used in a way to create excitement among the audience with respect to the stunts and other innovative functions which they can perform.

There are hundreds of movies and TV shows that have a ‘customised car’ as a main feature. These iconic cars, trucks and utes have an impact on popular culture and mainstream tastes and can motivate anyone owning a vehicle to do something innovative with their own ride. One of the most famous modified cars of all time is the 1963 Aston Martin DB5 which appeared in movies like Thunderball, Goldfinger, Goldeneye, Casino Royale and Tomorrow Never Dies. The special car modifications included oil slick, ejector seat, smoke screen, machine guns, radar tracking facility and license plates that could revolve!

Almost all of us are familiar with a few of the movies which have such vehicles as their focal point. These include movies such as Transformers, Fast & Furious, Tremors, Jeepers Creepers, Ace Ventura and many more. These movies inspire us to customise our own vehicles, making them as functional and exciting as the ones we see on screen!

Action movies often feature heavy duty trucks and utes because they help create a dramatic impression on the minds of the audience. Consequently they become extremely popular among the viewers of such movies. For instance, the Chevy C-Series trucks, which were featured in the movie series ‘Fast & Furious’, actually made ‘speed chases’ a possibility in the minds of the audience. These trucks looked dynamic and were shot in a highly impressive way which created an instant connection with the audience.

If you are feeling inspired from your latest trip to the movies why not look into commercial customisation of your work vehicle. If you drive a truck or ute in New Zealand and are looking for options to make your vehicle more functional and robust, try simple car modifications such as installing van shelving or a ute canopy.

You will find several options for a ute and van fit outs in New Zealand including the use of materials such as ABS polymer, fiberglass and steel. These canopies look trendy and are excellent for the security and protection of your vehicle. Some of them also come with the option of convenient central locking. You can also install other accessories such as van shelving, to carry heavy loads in your work vehicle. Some of them have shelves and frames set in steel and are highly sturdy and practical for everyday use. These ute accessories not only add to the efficiency of operations but also lend a distinct character to your ute or van.

If you are looking for premium commercial fit outs in New Zealand then visit Camco Industries online at  www.camcoindustries.co.nz. They are experts in ute and truck shelving and canopies and have also manufactured a number of their own products so contact them today to discuss your specific vehicle customisation requirements.

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